Fletcher’s Perch began as a list of 10 rumors I wrote up in response to a Facebook post in a roleplaying community. After writing them, though, I realized that I wanted to know how they connected and what the underlying plots were.

The primary theme behind Fletcher’s Perch is the price of peace. When the town was first built, the very first two settlers made a deal with an Archfey and traded their nephew for safety and prosperity. It was a deal with a time limit and now, generations later, that time is running out. The Archfey wants a new child for his halls or else he’ll withdraw his protections. Beyond just warding off monsters and attracting trade, though, these protections have turned Fletcher’s Perch into a sanctuary for werewolves who refuse to become evil. Additionally, a long-slumbering dragon rests beneath the town and will awaken when the protections break. When the dragon bursts free of its cavern, it will rain destruction down on the town.

The issue is not as simple as asking whether or not it is right to send a child to live in the Feywild.

Each plot in this setting reinforces the idea of difficult decisions or reveals more information about the central plot.


This setting is distributed through an Open Gaming License. I used the SRD for developing the unique antagonists in this setting: the Dewdrop Man, Andrew Fletcher, Vivian Pike, Rufus, and the Reflection. I also referred to the SRD to assemble Andrew Fletcher’s magic item inventory and to suggest monsters for encounters. The iron flask in the family feud plot is also from the SRD. The trap on the puzzle box was built using the SRD. The town of Fletcher’s Perch, the Golden Horn tavern, the characters in the setting, and the various plots and quests are of my own design. Three items (star stones, summon sticks, and kalmorite) are also of my own design.

I pay for Inkarnate Pro, which allows the commercial distribution of maps I create. All images contained within this setting are from Inkarnate, Pexels, or PublicDomainPictures.net.

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