Primary Plots

The Dewdrop Man

This is the central mystery of Fletcher’s Perch and, accordingly, has two associated rumors: children’s stories and the stone circle in the woods. The Dewdrop Man, also known to Andrew Fletcher as the Minstrel, is an Archfey who traded five generations of peace and prosperity for the Fletcher couple’s nephew, Andrew. The five generations are ending and so the Dewdrop Man is back to claim another child. He has a temporary, but stable portal deep in the woods and he is secretly meeting with the children to choose his favorites before approaching their families to make a deal.

Andrew Fletcher Returns to Town

The second primary plot centers on Andrew Fletcher, the child from the original deal. About a decade ago, Andrew won his freedom from the Dewdrop Man and re-entered the Material Plane. While in the Feywild, Andrew did not age. He was forever 10 years old. Once back in the Material Plane he started to age again. He became merchant under the assumed name “Alf Minstrel” and has returned to Fletcher’s Perch because he knows time is running out. Andrew is unsure whether he wants to save or destroy the town.

Secondary Plots

The Grover Couple’s Unwise Dealings

Charley and Anice Grover wanted a child. Then one night, after their long-lost and thought-dead hound returned home unexpectedly, they had a dream in which a powerful entity in the form of Rufus, their dog, offered them a child and good fortune in exchange for raising the child into adulthood to be the entity’s avatar. The couple, perhaps thinking it was only a dream, agreed. A few months later, Anice, who had been barren, learned she was pregnant. The entity returned to their dreams and shared that it was planning to plummet to the earth and destroy the unfaithful with their child’s help. When they balked, the couple found their lives full of misery and illness. Now they are regretting their deal and are under constant watch by Rufus.

Chaos Underground

Auralia “Rory” Emryvel has dreamed of a great and powerful being underground that will awaken, burst up from the earth, and destroy the town. The being in her dreams is an adult or ancient green dragon that has been kept slumbering by the Dewdrop Man’s protections. If the protections continue, the dragon will remain asleep, but the threat will continue lingering. Rory wants her nightmares to stop. Someone needs to deal with the sleeping dragon underground.

Tabitha’s Illness

Tabitha Moonwrecker has delver’s lung, a rare disease that affects dwarves. While the local doctor is able to treat Tabitha’s symptoms, she is slowly losing against the disease. Tabitha will die if she does not receive treatment. Either she needs to travel to a dwarven enclave in the mountains or the doctor needs a rare mineral to combine with her medicines. In the meantime, Tabitha could use some help on her sheep and goat farm.

The Werewolves of Fletcher’s Perch

Thanks to the Dewdrop Man’s protections, werewolves who reject their lycanthropy have found a safe haven in Fletcher’s Perch. The town’s protections do not prevent them from changing and the full moon still compels a change, but when changed, the werewolves retain their minds. They are never captive to the moon or blood lust. Not all werewolves are satisfied with this, though. Some want the blinding rage. Vivian Pike, a werewolf, has returned to town to recruit for her pack. She derides the ‘safety’ of the town and wants the werewolf population to embrace being wolves.

the fox-Vandal Family Feud

The Foxes and the Vandals were once one family: Mina Fox and Arlessa Vandal were sisters who grew estranged when dividing their deceased parents’ assets. Then a daughter of the Fox family accidentally killed a son of the Vandal family and the Vandal family retaliated, but killed the wrong Fox daughter. Normally two such embittered families would have gone their separate ways, except their parents were former adventurers and somewhere near Fletcher’s Perch, before it was a town, they’d hidden a treasure. Each family is determined the other family not get it. Meanwhile, Madelyn Fletcher has secretly returned. She once loved Tomas Fox, but he was beaten to death by Vandals. She’s come, now a mage, to raise her lover from the dead and wreak revenge against the families that perpetuated the feud that killed him.

The Imposter Son

Lawrence Atkinson is telling all who care to listen that his son, Toby, is no longer his son. The man left to deliver flour to another town, but shortly after he returned, Lawrence ran him out of the house, declaring that Toby was an imposter. Toby seems very upset by his father’s behavior, but that is only a mask, because Lawrence is right. His son has been replaced. This plot has three possible explanations that the GM must choose among: an indebted Deva, a tired Oni, or a devious Reflection.