Rumors Around Fletcher’s Perch

These are some rumors that players can hear around the town. All can be true; the GM should decide which ones will apply for their setting. The remaining rumors can then be saved for another visit through Fletcher’s Perch or presented as false leads. Most connect directly to plots, some multiple ones. For example, #4 below points directly to Tabitha’s Illness, but the aside about Ellis also points to his connection with the Werewolves of Fletcher’s Perch.

  1. It’s been over a year since old Harris died, but his youngest daughter, Lisbeth, has been going to the cemetery every day the past few weeks, always with a heavy covered basket that’s empty when she returns home. It is driving her poor oldest sister up the wall. Maryn is doing her best to keep that family afloat and really doesn’t need Lissy’s odd behavior making things difficult.
  2. That thrice-damned merchant is back. Now I’m not saying he’s the twistiest bastard this side of the Carseil mountains, but nothing he sells is quite right, now is it? Did you hear what happened to old Tommen when he bought some contraption off that man? Exactly. I don’t know what he’s doing here, but he needs to get gone.
  3. So Clara is chasing Finn who is apparently pining for Rory who has her eye on Clara. Now, I know it isn’t kind to make fun of others’ romantical distress, but come on, place your bets. Who ends up with who in this mess?
  4. Tabitha’s sick again. I got Ellis, the doc’s assistant, drunk–easier done than said on a full moon–and he let spill what’s going on. Apparently, Tabby’s too stubborn to leave her farm to go for the healing she needs. Something about having to keep watch or some nonsense. The doc could maybe finagle something for her cure-wise, but she needs some special herb or something that’s not from these parts.
  5. Tell me, do your kids creep you out sometimes? Because Lucy has got me on the bloody edge these days. Have you heard about the Dewdrop Man? You have? Dear every god that’s listening, where did they come up with that? I caught her this morning before even the damned rooster was up just staring out the window humming some broken little melody under her breath. And then she asked if she could take a bit of bread and milk as a sacrifice for the Dewdrop Man. He’ll apparently come for her if she doesn’t play nice. Why can’t kids just play with sticks and dolls like we did growing up?
  6. Is it just me or has the Grover family been a bit lucky lately? I mean, their old mutt returns out of the blue and suddenly everything is just a bit too peachy, you know? Charley’s found money lying on the street. Anice got that story published in the city paper. I even think she’s pregnant even though I know the doc said she never would bear a child. It’s weird, right?
  7. Weyla found some rocks in the woods. Yes, I know forests typically have rocks. Shut up and listen, okay? She found stones polished up like jewels in what she said was a perfect circle in the woods. When she walked near them she apparently heard music. Now, she didn’t move them because of course Miss I Can Play Four Instruments wants to go back and figure out the tune coming from the weird rocks. But I think we ought to do something. I mean, if that’s real, it’s got to be dangerous, doesn’t it?
  8. I don’t know what’s up with old Lawrence, but he’s claiming his son, Toby, isn’t Toby anymore. Toby’s all kinds of hurt about it, of course, but Lawrence is adamant and is saying he’ll pay all he’s got for someone to find and bring home his real son.
  9. Now, I don’t know what Charley’s got on Doc Caitlyn, but it’s something. She’s agreed to be on call for the fight tomorrow night. You know what that means. None of those idiots are going to be holding back. Beatrice has been hinting she’d pay something nice to get the fights shut down, not that I think anyone’s stupid enough to try.
  10. I hear Rory’s been having night terrors about some sort of chaos underground. Now you know I don’t truck with that foresight nonsense, but you have to admit, she was right about that big storm a few months back.
  11. Something’s riling the Foxes and Vandals again. Last I heard, Nefyn was spitting vinegar about how the Foxes had wrecked her farmland.
  12. Be careful wandering around on a full moon. This town’s got more monsters than you’d think and lately, some of them have been especially mean.