A TTRPG Setting for 5e

Just east of the Carseil Mountains, on the edge of Gytham Wood, lies Fletcher’s Perch. In this small, primarily human town, farmers gather for the weekly market, children trek in for lessons, and adventurers and merchants stop by on their way always elsewhere. Fletcher’s Perch is a peaceful, prosperous town and has been for generations.

map of a forest border townHow to Use this Guide

This guide provides details about a small town, Fletcher’s Perch, which is home to around 2,500 people. Game masters may use part or all of this town in their games and may choose to incorporate the various elements all at once or spread out across multiple visits to the town. The setting does not have a set level for which it is appropriate. Many of the antagonists and situations can be scaled up or down as needed. The pages detailing each plot discuss the levels for which they’re most appropriate and how to scale them to fit other levels.

This guide does require some prep on the part of the GM. GMs will need to use the information provided in the guide to create encounters and decide how players discover the various plots. At least one plot also requires the GM to decide among multiple possible stories. This is not an adventure. It is a setting.

I have created some maps in Inkarnate to accompany this setting, but I am far from an artist. Please feel free to use your own maps. The only requirements for the town are that (1) it is a town with surrounding farmland, (2) it is bordered on at least one side by a deep forest, and (3) many roads pass through or near the town. The maps are Fletcher’s Perch, Gytham Wood, and the Golden Horn’s first floor and basement.

Content Warnings

This setting involves children in peril through fey deals and parental abuse (The Dewdrop Man and a sidequest in Andrew Fletcher Returns to Town). One child lives in a dangerous environment with an often neglectful guardian for many years (The Dewdrop Man and Andrew Fletcher Returns to Town). It also involves people being turned into werewolves against their will (The Werewolves of Fletcher’s Perch). Cursed items cause their wielders to have sudden irrational and overwhelming fears, such as to the sky, or to develop obsessive paranoia for fear the item will be stolen (Andrew Fletcher Returns to Town). One character has a debilitating illness that will kill her without a particular treatment, but she refuses to leave town for said treatment (Tabitha’s Illness). One character is pregnant and her pregnancy, which she deeply desired and now fears for reasons unrelated to the fetus, is central to a plot (The Grover Couple’s Unwise Dealings). One character is gaslit by an entity pretending to be his son (The Imposter Son).

Getting Started

Hopefully this website is not intimidating. I had hoped it would make the information more accessible than a single, long document. One possible place to start is by reading the backstory for the setting and the way the various plots work together. Another place to start is by reviewing the list of plots and reading through them. Alternatively, you can look at the list of people and see which plots are associated with them. The license information for this setting is here. If you like the material in this setting, please consider buying me a cup of coffee.

Tools Used to Create This Setting

The following tools were invaluable in creating this setting and I highly recommend them to others: