Fletcher’s Perch contains about 2,500 people, about 250 of whom are werewolves who reject their lycanthropy.

This is not a full list of all the people in the town. The links below jump to a description of each family and the characters related to each other. The table provides a quick, incomplete summary for each character.

FirstLastAgeRaceWerewolf?OccupationSide in the FeudDisposition and Secrets
JulianAdler27HumanNoBlacksmithVandalEnjoys puns; Good at business
LawrenceAtkinson49HumanNoMillerNeutralProud; Still mourning his wife
TobyAtkinson26HumanNoMiller's AssistantNeutralEnjoys making people laugh
EmilyDyer21HumanYesTailor's AssistantFoxTalented designer
Lisbeth "Lissy"Dyer17HumanYesTailor's ApprenticeFoxGood with people and de-escalation
MarynDyer25HumanYesTailorFoxPractical, good with numbers
Auralia "Rory"Emryvel120ElfNoTeaching AssistantNeutralHas prophetic nightmares; Crushing on Clara Olsen
ErlanEmryvel385ElfNoTeacher; Occasional JailerNeutralBelieves in restorative justice
NuelethEmryvel385ElfNoTeacherNeutralElven exile; strong moral compass
RuvynEmryvel65ElfNoN/ANeutralPainter; still lost on a future
BeatriceFletcher58HumanNoMayorNeutralTough; accepts no excuses
GabrielFletcher32HumanNoGeneral StoreNeutralReputation for genial and fair
LydiaFletcher32HumanNoGeneral StoreNeutralIntrovert; Good with the accounts
NicoFletcher13HumanNoBaker's AssistantNeutralBudding artist, does portraits
ZoeFletcher7HumanNoN/ANeutralLikes to sing and make up songs
Andrew / Alf "Alfie"Fletcher / Minstrel20HumanNoMerchantNeutralTricky and uncompromising; Gentle toward kids
AlbieFox9HumanNoN/AFoxContemplative; Determined to take over family business
CasperFox13HumanNoMessengerFoxAthletic and enjoys exerting himself
DylanFox29HumanYesBlacksmith's AssistantFox
EliasFox54HumanNoFarmerFoxHard man; breaks things when angry; scary
HenryFox49HumanNoBookkeeperFoxMakes plans work; good with logistics
IsabelFox33HumanNoBrewerFoxCreative; enjoys making new beer flavors
JennyFox30HumanYesBarkeepFoxArtist; Scared to show others her art
JeremyFox32HumanNoTraveling bardFoxLoves romance, bored by sex; friends with Weyla
JosiahFox34HumanNoBrewerFoxStudious; enjoys making new beer flavors
PortiaFox54HumanNoFarmerFoxPlotter; the real power in the family
RachelFox26HumanYesWeaver's AssistantFox
GwynethFrieder28HumanNoBakerVandalAmbitious; very competitive
NolanFrieder29HumanYesBakery OwnerVandalVery competitive; always striving to be the best
TheoFrieder29HumanNoChandlerVandalResponsible; Focuses on the task needing to be done
VioletFrieder6HumanNoN/AVandalLikes to compete and win
CastienGilvaris200ElfNoMerchantVandalKind, but not ready to settle down
AniceGrover34HumanNoTavern KeeperNeutralLeaps before looking; takes chances on everything and everyone
CharleyGrover36HumanNoTavern KeeperNeutralOpportunistic; operates a secret fight club
BenHilt10HumanNoN/ANeutralLikes to sew; thoughtful; tries to protect his sister
BenjaminHilt35HumanNoMerchantNeutralLoves his children; has no idea his wife is abusive
HeliaHilt7HumanNoN/ANeutralQuiet; never cries; acts a few years younger than she is
ReynaHilt35HumanNoWeaverNeutralWants to escape Fletcher's Perch; abusive to her children
BriarKirby42Half ElfNoFarmerNeutralGood listener; knows more secrets than he should
ClytieKirby46Half ElfNoBlacksmithNeutralVery welcoming; was homeless once
EsmeKirby18Half ElfNoBlacksmith's ApprenticeNeutral
FinnKirby22Half ElfNoFarmerNeutralGood listener; has a crush on Rory Emryvel
LucyKirby10Half ElfNoN/ANeutralLoves gardening
MiraKirby46Half ElfNoFarmer and DyerNeutralKeeps household running; mind is always full of thoughts
CarisLister32HumanNoFurniture DesignerVandalCreative designer; acts before thinking
CyrusLister8HumanNoN/AVandalMakes costumes for triplet schemes
GideonLister8HumanNoN/AVandalPlans the triplet schemes
JoyLister8HumanNoN/AVandalSteals supplies for triplet schemes
TommenMaguire200HalflingNoFarmerNeutralMurderer; killed his childhood best friend and first wife
AdriMoonwrecker23TieflingNoFarmerFoxLoves making people laugh; hides behind jokes
TabithaMoonwrecker180DwarfNoFarmerNeutralHas a rich past she doesn't talk about; gruff but kind
AsaMurphy37HumanYesCobblerVandalResponsible; is falling for Morys and has no idea Morys loves him
ClementineMurphy37HumanYesMember of Vivian's PackNeutralFlighty; embraces lycanthropy
GraceMurphy16HumanYesCobbler's ApprenticeVandalStudious
NoelaMurphy13HumanYesChandler's ApprenticeVandalDaydreamer
ClaraOlsen23HumanNoTavern MaidNeutralEscaped a bad family situation; Likes Finn
CaitlynPierce40 (390)HumanNoDoctorNeutralVery competent and efficient; cursed to never die
EllisPike25HumanNoDoctor's AssistantNeutralConnects easily with people; loves his sister
VivianPike28HumanYesWolf Pack LeaderNeutralProtective and cruel; killed her parents
FionaUndertree320GnomeNoTinkerNeutralWell-known for her craftsmanship; likes her time alone
KlausUndertree310GnomeNoScribeNeutralLoves beauty; has a rivalry with the head of the scribes' guild
AoifeVandal17HumanNoBookkeeperVandalMathematical genius; corresponding with several professors
BranVandal9HumanNoN/AVandalLoves to play by himself and climb trees
CaianVandal38HumanNoFarmerVandalAfraid of werewolves and raises his children to be the same
EilynVandal15HumanNoBaker's ApprenticeVandalPlanning on leaving town to learn magic
ErnestVandal60HumanNoFarmerVandalHad an explosive fight with his eldest son that tore his family apart
LelandVandal64HumanNoFarmerVandalHas early onset alzheimer's
MimiVandal60HumanNoFarmerVandalHad an explosive fight with his eldest son that tore his family apart
MorysVandal35HumanNoWoodcutterVandalProtective and patient; in love with Asa Murphy
NefynVandal41HumanNoFarmerVandalMatriarch of the family; asexual; very intelligent and loves books
NoelleVandal37HumanNoFarmerVandalDiligent and industrious
NoraVandal19HumanNoCarpenter's AssistantVandalValues hard work
SeanVandal12HumanNoN/AVandalTakes charge during play; good at mediation
WeylaVandal34HumanNoMinstrel and TeacherVandalMusician; friends with Jeremy Fox
FelixWilder36Half ElfNoFarmer and BeekeeperVandalEnjoys music and sings well; prefers actions over words
IrisWilder56HumanNoBarberNeutralDoesn't ask for more than people can give
PaulWilder21Half ElfNoBarkeepNeutralAffable flirt and enjoys making people smile
PhoebeWilder50HumanNoMerchantFoxFree spirit; winters in Fletcher's Perch with family
SofiaWilder25Half ElfNoPriestessNeutralFollows through, damn the consequences
AnderYarrow33HumanNoGuild managerVandalTakes big risks, very self-confident, cuts to the heart of a problem


Lawrence (Human, 49) and his son, Toby (Human, 26), operate the mill in Fletcher’s Perch. Lawrence claims Toby has been acting strange ever since delivering flour to the next town over. The full story is in The Imposter Son.

Lawrence is a proud man still mourning his wife, Nina (Human, 48, deceased). He keeps the mill running, but he is otherwise completely preoccupied with his son. He wants Toby to get married and give him some grandbabies already. Lawrence was once the king of dad jokes, but he hasn’t had much use for humor since Nina died. Toby keeps trying to make his father laugh, though.

Lawrence is a bald man with cool black skin and amber-brown eyes. He is only 5’5″ but well-muscled. Toby keeps his hair long and in locs. While his eyes are the same lighter brown as his father’s, he has inherited his mother’s height. Nina was about 5″ taller than Lawrence.


Erlan (Elf, 385) and Nueleth (Elf, 380) moved to Fletcher’s Perch with their children, Auralia or Rory (Elf, 120) and Ruvyn (Elf, 65) about 80 years ago. About 10 years after the Emryvels moved to the area, a group of young adults went on a crime spree. Fletcher’s Perch did not have a jail, which proved a problem once the trio were caught. Erlan offered to hold the three in his home until the town decided on a course of action. Ever since then, on the rare occasions that the town leader wants to lock someone up, they ask Erlan to hold the person again. Erlan dislikes the idea of imprisoning people, but he does enjoy the opportunity to talk with the miscreants to discover why they did what they did. He believes strongly in ameliorating the impetuses for crime, when possible, and encouraging miscreants to make amends.

Nueleth was once an archivist, but when governments changed and she smuggled out many newly-forbidden texts, she was labeled a traitor and exiled. That is when she met Erlan. Nueleth believes in doing the right thing, no matter the cost.

Erlan and Nueleth are otherwise teachers. Anyone under about 98 years in age has probably had one of the Emryvels as a teacher for at least one year. Both Erlan and Nueleth are capable magic users, through both use magic rarely.

Rory is a young adult. Right now she is content helping her parents teach. However, part of her wants to seek out answers for the prophetic nightmares she’s been having for the past few years. Maybe she has a destiny to pursue. Rory has an embarrassingly obvious crush on Clara Olsen. The only person to not notice is Clara herself. Rory trips over her words and feet in Clara’s presence. Rory knows Finn has a crush on her. It was cute when he was a kid, but now she doesn’t know what to do with it. She no longer feels that much older than him, but that doesn’t mean she wants to date him.

Ruvyn, despite his years, is still a child. He mostly gets along with human teenagers in town, but unlike many of them, he is not apprenticing for an occupation. Ruvyn still has no idea what he wants to do with his life besides paint.

Erlan has warm, copper skin with freckles spreckled over his cheeks and shoulders. His hair is a rich umber that matches his bottomless eyes. Nueleth has golden-brown skin and dark green hair that she keeps in a long, neat braid. Her eyes are topaz.

Rory and Ruvyn both have their father’s darker skin tone, but only Ruvyn inherited his wild freckles. Rory has dark green hair like her mother, but with her father’s unruly waves. Ruvyn’s hair is pin-straight neat and such a dark green it almost looks black. Both Rory and Ruvyn have their mother’s eyes.


A Fletcher always leads Fletcher’s Perch. For now that is Beatrice (Human, 58). It was supposed to have been her husband, Anthony’s (Human, 59, deceased) role, but he died 20 years ago after intervening in a fight between the Foxes and Vandals. Beatrice had wanted a large family, but struggled to get pregnant. After Anthony died, she had no desire to even try loving another person. Her only child is Gabriel (Human, 32). Beatrice is a tough woman who doesn’t accept excuses.

Gabriel married his childhood sweetheart, Lydia (Human, 32), when they were only 19 years old. Gabriel and Lydia operate the local general store, the Happy Quiver. The Happy Quiver both sells items from non-local merchants between market days and provides a space for local farmers and craftsmen to sell their wares. Gabriel excels in coaxing people to trust him to sell their goods. He has a reputation for geniality and fairness. Lydia prefers to remain behind the scenes and keep track of the books. While she loves her family, she doesn’t really like dealing with people if she doesn’t have to.

Gabriel and Lydia have two children: Nico (Human, 13) and Zoe (Human, 7). Nico enjoys drawing and has a good eye for expressions. His parents have several of his portraits on display in their shop. Zoe loves to sing and does so often, loudly. She likes to make up songs about whatever she is doing at the moment.

Beatrice has milk-white skin with riotous mass of dark red curls that she barely tames into a bun each morning. To her dismay, Gabriel and his children have inherited her hair. Gabriel does have his father’s clear green eyes, though. Gabriel and Nico both have the Fletcher height–Gabriel is 6’5″ and Nico is already 5’3″. Zoe may shoot up to be tall as well, but it is a bit too early to tell. Lydia is a woman of average height with wide, dark-brown eyes. She has black hair and tawny skin, which both of her children have inherited.

Anthony had a little sister, Madelyn (Human, 49), who fled Fletcher’s Perch about 20 years ago after Anthony and her lover, Tomas Fox, were killed. Anthony and Madelyn, though ten years apart, looked very much alike. Both were tall and string thin with sharp angled cheeks, elbows, and knees. They both had pale green eyes and thick, honey-blond hair. Madelyn always liked the resemblance between her and Anthony growing up. After their parents died when she was 9, Anthony basically raised her. He is more than a brother to her. After his death, she hated how she saw him every time she looked in the mirror. She has dyed her hair black and cut it very short, trying to distance herself from his memory.

In the 20 years that she was gone, Madelyn studied magic diligently and occasionally helped on quests if it would fund or expand her studies. Once she had learned how to resurrect the dead and had procured the necessary materials, she returned to Fletcher’s Perch to raise both Anthony and Tomas from the grave. Madelyn is a passionate woman. She was once passionate for life, but now she is passionate in her grief and rage. Madelyn’s scheming is detailed in The Fox-Vandal Family Feud.

Alf “Alfie” Minstrel

Alf “Alfie” Minstrel (Half-Elf, 20) is a strange merchant who has blown through town a couple times, though this is the longest he’s stayed in one visit. He is a tall, thin man with pale green eyes and a ruddy complexion. His hair is nut-brown and falls in thick waves to his shoulders. He has a reputation for being tricky and uncompromising, but very protective of and gentle toward children. He spent some time with a circus and occasionally pulls out an acrobatic trick or some juggling to make a child smile. If he likes you, his wares are especially lucky. If he dislikes you, beware of anything you touch. He carries several, heavy-looking bags with him and claims to have a little bit of everything, if you have the coin to pay. Fletcher’s Perch is an odd place for him to linger, however. Not many people in town have need for magical items.

Alfie, though, is actually Andrew Fletcher, the child that Anna and Bart, the human founders of Fletcher’s Perch, traded to an Archfey in exchange for myriad protections for the would-be town. The Archfey, at that time, went by the name “Minstrel,” which is where Andrew has drawn his false surname. “Alf” comes from his initials. While in the Feywild, Andrew did not age. He remained 10 years old for a very long time. Then, a decade ago, he won his freedom from the Archfey and returned to the material plane where he once again began aging. His story can be found in Andrew Fletcher Returns to Town.


Jerry (Human, 81, werewolf) and Maisie (Human, 81) have retired to the farm to pursue their personal interests (Jerry is writing a book which Maisie is illustrating), leaving their son, Elias (Human, 54), as the leader of the family. Leadership should have gone to Elias’ older brother, William (Human, 59, werewolf), but William left Fletcher’s Perch after his son, Tomas (Human, 39, werewolf, deceased) was murdered. Elias’ younger sister, Opal (Human, 50, werewolf, deceased) died about 8 years ago. Elias has a few cousins, but he is closest to Henry (Human, 49, werewolf).

The Fox family is engaged in a longstanding feud with the Vandal family, as described in The Fox-Vandal Family Feud.


Elias is married to Portia (Human, 54) with whom he has three children: Josiah (Human, 34), Jeremy (Human, 32), and Jenny (Human, 30, werewolf). Elias and Portia both work on the family farm raising sheep and goats. Elias is a hard man prone to breaking things when he is angry. He and Portia now use wooden plates and bowls in their home. When arguing with Elias, Portia matches him in intensity. Her anger, otherwise, though is cool and simmering. When she isn’t arguing with Elias, she prefers a well-planned revenge. Their children would hide together whenever their parents argued and always made sure to protect their most precious toys so that they wouldn’t be destroyed. Elias is unwavering, but Portia flows around him, arranging everything in the family just so to her liking.

Elias has salty gray hair cut short and farm-tanned skin. He is a muscular man and tall enough to be imposing. In contrast, Portia is a short, petite woman with skin and eyes as black as the night sky. Her tightly curled hair surrounds her face like a halo and the gray threads running through it almost sparkle in the light like stars. She is a beautiful woman and always has been.

To Elias’ dismay, their children inherited Portia’s stature. Josiah (Human, 34) and Jenny (Human, 30, werewolf) both have cool, brown skin, but Jeremy (Human, 32) looks like his mother. All three children have black, curling hair. Josiah crops his short, while Jeremy lets his puff out around his head and Jenny forms clever shapes with ribbons in hers.

Josiah was always the studious sort, forever burying himself in books and questions. When he was a teenager, he apprenticed with the local brewer to learn how to make beer and other alcohols. The Fox family was known for its moonshine, but Josiah wanted to make something better tasting and more precise. His apprenticeship is how he got to know his wife, Isabel (Human, 33). She was the only daughter of the town’s brewer. Not content to simply make the same recipe over and over again, Josiah and Isabel brainstormed ways to change the flavor and character of the beer. The two have now taken over the business and their brews are gaining a solid reputation around the countryside.

Isabel is a plump woman with wheat-colored hair, freckled skin, and indigo eyes. She enjoys solving puzzles. Even now, Josiah and Isabel will craft riddles or codes for the other to unravel. It is their love language. Josiah and Isabel have two sons: Casper (Human, 13) and Albie (Human, 9). Casper, a short, thin boy with light brown skin and his mother’s blue eyes, is very athletic and has taken up a job delivering messages and small packages all over town. Albie is plump like his mother and very contemplative. He likes to watch his parents work more than he enjoys playing outside. He has already declared that he, not Casper, will take over the family business.

Jeremy is unmarried and unlikely to marry. He is a traveling musician and returns home only for a few months each year during which he distributes gifts and stories. Jeremy has had many flirtations during his travels, but few lovers. He loves the flirting and seducing, but quickly gets bored when matters reach the bed. He has taken to charming two people at once so that they can occupy each other in bed while he waits in a corner, watches the ceiling, and composes in his head. Jeremy is one of the few people in the family to actually have a friend in the Vandal family. He and Weyla Vandal have a friendly rivalry regarding music and enjoy trading songs back and forth.

Jenny works in the Golden Horn as a bartender. She likes talking with the merchants and adventurers who pass through town and then trying to draw the landscapes, cities, and monsters they described. Only her grandmother, Maisie, knows of Jenny’s passion for drawing. Part of Jenny is still the scared little girl hiding her colored pencils from her father so that he doesn’t break them in a temper. Jenny would love to get a second opinion on her artwork or, if she were really daring, show it off for others to possibly buy.


Henry, with the exception that he has a bit more black in his hair yet, could easily pass for Elias’ younger brother. Henry has three sisters, all married now, but he was closer to Elias growing up. Elias would get the grand ideas; Henry would figure out how to make them work; and then, Elias would put them into action. Even now, Henry is the one who keeps the books for the farm, tracking the feed, breeding, and prices for selling and buying. He doesn’t love mathematics and logistics, but he knows his role. Henry makes things work so that Elias can do what he wants.

Henry never married, but he and Phoebe Wilder (Human, 47) have four children together. When the children were young, they split the year. Henry cared for them while Phoebe was off on her merchant’s route around the countryside. Then, when she returned to Fletcher’s Perch for the winter, she would take over caring for them. Phoebe never wants to be tied down and Henry loves her too much to ever suggest doing so.

Their children are Dylan (Human, 29, werewolf), Rachel (Human, 26, werewolf), Weston (Human, 24), and Colleen (Human, 21). Dylan works with Clytie Kirby and Julian Adler, the blacksmiths, and Rachel works with Reyna Hilt, the weaver. Weston and Colleen are both hunters and part-time farmers. Dylan and Rachel both have spouses and Dylan has a child, Hollis (Human, 7). Weston and Colleen are both unmarried.

Opal and Harris Dyer

Elias’ younger sister, Opal, married the town tailor, Harris Dyer (Human, 50, deceased) and had three daughters: Maryn (Human, 25, werewolf), Emily (Human, 21, werewolf), and Lisbeth or Lissy (Human, 17, werewolf). Opal died about 8 years ago and Harris died just over a year ago. All three girls are still grieving, but are trying to keep their family business afloat. Maryn is practical and good with numbers. Emily is very creative and always wanting to try new designs. Lissy likes working with people and is good at calming down upset customers.

Emily Dyer is engaged to Adri Moonwrecker.

Maryn and Emily both have auburn hair and a perpetual blush, much like their father. Lissy more resembles their mother with darker, pure brown hair and caramel eyes. Lissy doesn’t realize it, but she also greatly resembles her deceased cousin, Tomas. This is one reason Madelyn decides to work with her.


Charley (Human, 36) and Anice (Human, 34) operate the Golden Horn, the primary tavern and inn in Fletcher’s Perch. Charley and Anice married young, but have not been able to have children. When Anice asked Dr. Caitlyn Pierce for advice, the doctor told her it was very likely she would never have children. This upset the couple greatly. However, after their old hound dog, Rufus, returned home unexpectedly, everything started to change. Not only did Anice become pregnant, but Charley and Anice became incredibly lucky. The cause for their change in fortune is explained in The Grover Couple’s Unwise Dealings.

Charley is a very opportunistic man who only avoided having a horrible gambling habit by watching how dice and cards had destroyed his mother. Still, he has trouble avoiding risks if the rewards are great enough. Given how much he helped his mother practice her gambling growing up, he has a natural intuition for numbers that serves him well running the tavern. Charley currently operates a secret fight club in the basement of his and Anice’s tavern. He is a thick man with a neat brown mustache and beard. He has a pierced ear because his mother always told him to have something for people to focus their attention on. His skin is a ruddy brown.

Anice always leaps before looking. Life without taking chances isn’t much of a life at all, according to her. This has made her a very kind person, because she also takes infinite chances on people. She is a barely a wisp of a woman, skin as pale as the wind and hair a translucent blond. She darkens her eyebrows and lashes so that they’re seen. Anice is currently five months pregnant. She has bit of blush in her cheeks now and her belly is low and round.


Benjamin Hilt (Human, 35) is a traveling merchant who settled in Fletcher’s Perch after he met Reyna Hilt (Human, 35). He fell in love with Reyna at first sight and spun stories about whisking her away to far off cities and towns. Before they could leave on their grand adventure, however, Reyna discovered she was pregnant. Benjamin married her and asked she remain behind just for a little while as the road is not kind to pregnant women. Reyna reluctantly agreed and, in the meantime, joined her parents’ weaving business. She has yet to leave Fletcher’s Perch.

Benjamin and Reyna have two children: Ben (Human, 10) and Helia (Human, 7). In the few months Benjamin is home, he delights in his children. Ben likes to sew and he makes little, rag-stuffed toys and pillows for his father to remember him by and for his sister to play with. Helia is a quiet child who acts a few years younger than she is, except that she never, ever cries. Ben is her self-appointed protector.

Reyna resents her children deeply for keeping her from leaving Fletcher’s Perch and she suspects her husband is having an affair. She is a very unhappy woman. She takes her anger and fear out on her children, often scolding them and pinching their upper arms hard enough to leave bruises. When she is particularly upset, she locks the children out over night and denies them food.

Benjamin has no idea what is going on and Ben and Helia have not told anyone about the abuse they endure. Andrew Fletcher has noticed and he will ask the players to intervene. Reyna’s apprentice, Rachel Fox, has also noticed, but Ben and Helia deny what’s going on when she asks them about it, so she doesn’t know what to do.

Reyna is a voluptuous woman with creamy ivory skin and thick curls the color of honey. Her eyes are as blue as a spring morning. She has a throaty laugh and teasing smile. Benjamin is a tall, broad man with a voice like a funeral bell. His skin is well-tanned and occasionally burned from the road and his brown hair has streaks of sun-bleached blond in it. His eyes are a dark, knowing brown.

Ben is a carbon copy of his father, which only makes Reyna hate him more. He is a constant reminder of the life she was denied. Helia has her mother’s curls, but her father’s coloring. She will be a beauty one day and Reyna hates her for that. She fears that her daughter will be able to escape when Reyna was not.


Clytie Kirby (Half-elf, 46) was forced to grow up among elves who always made sure she knew just how deficient she was. She hated every moment of her childhood and left in her late teens. She was not well-equipped for living on her own and quickly reached the point of begging each day for food and shelter. A human blacksmith found her one evening and invited her home. His apprentice had gone off to be a knight or some nonsense and he needed someone to take over the business when he passed on. Clytie agreed.

In the town Clytie met Mira (Half-elf, 46), another half-elf her age. Unlike Clytie, Mira had grown up among humans and had always wondered if she might feel more at home among elves. The two women bonded, trading stories of growing up. Mira’s family had a farm, but Mira’s passion was a garden she tended and used to create unique dyes.

After a few years, the blacksmith’s former apprentice returned home, apologetic for ever leaving. The blacksmith told Clytie she always had a home with him, but he couldn’t turn the foolish boy away now that he was home. Clytie talked with Mira and the two decided to strike out on their own.

Over the course of a year looking for a new place to set down roots, Clytie and Mira fell in love. Life seemed good, and then they met Briar (Half-elf, 42). Briar disagreed with his human half-siblings about how to till the land and frequently got into painful arguments with them that left Briar feeling like he didn’t belong in his own family. Clytie and Mira met Briar in a bar and the three shared many drinks, conversation, and, eventually, a bed. When morning came, the grand ideas of the night still seemed plausible: Briar would join them to find a place elsewhere. He’d run the farm. Clytie would be a blacksmith. And Mira would help farm while also creating her dyes.

They stopped in Fletcher’s Perch to see the doctor, only to learn that Mira was pregnant. Taking that as a sign, they bought a farm in the area. While living together, Clytie and Mira realized that they wanted more from Briar than an occasional tumble, and Briar realized that he had fallen in love with two incredible women. They married each other in private, sharing rings Clytie had made.

Clytie, Mira, and Briar have three children: Finn (Half-elf, 22), Esme (Half-elf, 18), and the surprise child, Lucy (Half-elf, 10). Finn works on the farm with Briar and Mira, while Esme is apprenticing with Clytie. Lucy loves Mira’s garden, though she has less interest in the dyes the various plants and flowers can produce. Lucy has her own small plot that she takes care of; she just loves growing things.

Clytie is a petite, but muscular woman with short black hair and warm, olive skin. Her eyes are a complicated and shifting hazel. While Lucy doesn’t have Clytie’s muscles, she is otherwise a perfect copy of her mother. Lucy refuses to cut her hair and would let it tumble in tangles down past her bum if Mira didn’t force a pair of braids into it.

Mira is tall for half-elf and has moon-pale skin that burns easily in the sun. She never goes without a hat or shawl in the garden or field. Her hands are rough and her nails are often stained with different dyes. She has ash-brown hair and silver-gray eyes. Though Finn has his father’s darker, sandy skin, he otherwise resembles Mira with her height, hair, and eyes. Finn wears his hair short like Clytie.

Briar is a solidly-built man with a broad mouth and wide, brown eyes. He wears his long, muddy brown hair down his back in a thick braid. He has thought of cutting it, but Clytie loves to play with his hair and so he does not. Esme has her father’s build, which serves her well in the smithy. She also has his coloring, save for her eyes with are silver-gray like Mira’s.

Clytie is very welcoming. She knows too well what it means to go without or to feel like an outsider. Mira keeps the household running and seems to hold a half-dozen different thoughts in her mind at any given time. She is very organized. Clytie invites people in and then Mira helps them figure out a plan for what’s next. Briar, though, is the listener. He never comes across as judgemental or just waiting to give advice. People tend to spill secrets to him without meaning to.

Finn has learned how to listen from his father, which he fears is one reason Clara Olsen seems to be pursuing him. He doesn’t know how to put Clara off. Just because he listens to her troubles and makes her feel better doesn’t mean he likes her. Instead, Finn is in love with Rory and has been since he was a little boy. He fears that Rory, who–being an elf–watched him grow up, doesn’t see him as an adult or take him seriously.

When Julian Adler moved to town, he and Clytie decided to combine their smiths rather than compete.


Tommen Maguire (Halfling, 200) has buried two wives and has a half dozen children spread out across the land, though none ever visit. For the past year or so, Tommen has been afflicted by a debilitating fear of the sky. His farm has since fallen into ruin.

When Tommen was a young halfling, he and his childhood best friend loved the same woman. The woman preferred Tommen’s friend. Unsatisfied, Tommen murdered his best friend and disguised the act as an animal attack. Then, he comforted the woman as she grieved. The two eventually married. She never learned what he did. When Tommen began to be attracted to another woman, he slowly poisoned his wife, masking her increasing poor health as a strange, incomprehensible disease. Then, he openly grieved around the second woman, inviting her to comfort him. A couple of his older children suspect him, but they cannot prove it. His second wife died of natural causes.

One night, before he was afraid of the sky, Tommen got very drunk and started talking to the moon as if it were his old childhood friend and apologized for killing him, but added he would do it again for those years he had with his first wife. Andrew Fletcher overheard; he is the cause of Tommen’s sudden new fear.

Tommen is a stout man with a wild, white beard and dark green eyes. His skin has browned with sun and age.


Tabitha Moonwrecker (Dwarf, 180) moved to Fletcher’s Perch about 80 years after the town was founded and has lived in one of the edge farms ever since. About 20 years ago, Tabitha left on an unexpected trip and returned with a tiefling toddler, Adri Moonwrecker (Tiefling, 23), who she has raised as a son. Tabitha is a gruff, but ultimately kind woman who hides her amusement with a tilted half-smile. She has wiry, short, red-gray hair cut short and sharp, gray eyes.

Tabitha doesn’t talk about her past, though her home is full of mementos, including tapestries, wood carvings, and small paintings. She has contracted Delver’s Lung, which typically only affects people who work heavily in the mines. The farm, while full of sheep and goats, is remarkably lacking in mines.

Adri has rose-gold skin and dark purple hair and pure gold eyes. He enjoys making people laugh and deeply loves his mother. He isn’t ready to lose her, but puts on a brave face and cracks jokes rather than admit how much he fears losing her.

Adri is engaged to Emily Dyer.


Asa Murphy (Human, 37, werewolf) and Clementine Murphy (Human, 37, werewolf) have been married for for 22 years and estranged for 20. Their younger daughter was conceived during one of the rare occasions when they met up again, mostly to argue. Clementine, when she got pregnant almost immediately after visiting, promised to stay, but then disappeared the moment after her daughter was born. She has visited since, but always disappears after a few weeks or months. Her most recent visit is as part of Vivian Pike’s pack as described in The Werewolves of Fletcher’s Perch.

Asa and Clementine settled in Fletcher’s Perch to escape the influence of the moon, but Clementine missed losing herself to her lycanthropy. After only 2-3 years, she left to explore and run wild; her elder daughter was 1 year old at the time. Asa wants her to be more responsible and present, but Clementine just blows through and continues on her way. In recent years, Clementine has joined Vivian Pike’s werewolf pack. Clementine has long, black hair that flows loose to her mid-back, bright green eyes, and porcelain skin.

Asa is the town’s cobbler. He is a responsible man who loves his daughters dearly. Part of him still loves his wife, but he cannot handle her approach to life and her complete disregard for their daughters. Asa has tawny hair and a short, neat beard that sharpens his face. His eyes are a deep, chocolate brown and his skin is a warm peach.

Their children are Grace Murphy (Human, 16, werewolf) and Noela Murphy (Human, 13, werewolf). Grace helps make make and repair shoes with her father. Grace is studious and wants to be just like her father. To her own dismay, Grace has her mother’s hair and eyes. Noela has started working with Theo Frieder, the chandler. Noela has Clementine’s eyes, but otherwise resembles her father. Like her sister, Noela has had responsibility drilled in deep, but even so, she can’t help daydreaming.

After Noela was born, Morys Vandal, already a family friend, moved in over Asa’s objections and started to help caring for the toddler and infant girls. Asa, for the longest time, regretted how much he relied on Morys. He figured the younger man should be out finding someone for himself and creating a family of his own; he didn’t deserve getting stuck in Asa’s mess. Morys never listened and, at times, looked upset when Asa suggested he leave. Grace and Noela love Morys like a second father and often refer to him as such.

Over the past 2-3 years, Asa has started to realize how much he enjoys Morys’ company. The idea of Morys leaving makes his skin freeze and heart lurch. He has started dreaming about Morys sexually and doesn’t know how to handle that. He has never considered being with another man and isn’t sure if it is ‘men’ or just Morys. He doesn’t want to say anything and risk chasing Morys away. Asa is completely oblivious to the fact that Morys is in love with him.


Clara Olsen (Human, 23) moved to Fletcher’s Perch within the past couple years. She fled a bad family situation that she doesn’t like to talk about. The only people in town who know about her situation are Finn Kirby and maybe his father, Briar. When Clara first reached Fletcher’s Perch, Clytie Kirby recognized the desperation in her eyes and invited the young woman to stay with her family. Mira helped Clara decide how to settle down in the town and find a job in the tavern. Clara now sleeps in the attic of the tavern. It isn’t glamorous, but it is private and she feels safe there. Clara is a tall woman with black hair. No one has ever seen Clara without a bun, so no one is entirely sure how long her hair is. She has deep-set, dark brown eyes and pale brown. Clara is outwardly very friendly, but that is only a facade. She prefers the hours she can spend alone in her attic room or sitting against a tree in the woods. Loud arguing or fighting makes her facade even brighter and more brittle until she cracks and has to run to hide her tears.

Clara likes Finn. She appreciates how he listens and how he is willing to sit in silence with her. He makes her feel seen and known. She wants to get to know him better so that she can help him like he helps her. Clara has no idea that Rory has a crush on her.


Dr. Caitlyn Pierce (Human, 40 according to others in Fletcher’s Perch, but really 35, but really 390) is a very competent, very practical and efficient doctor. She saves lives, but is less talented at comforting them. It isn’t that she can’t, but more that she’d rather focus on what is essential and leave the hand-holding to her assistant, Ellis Pike. Dr. Pierce refuses to give up. She has a very, very broad network of fellow doctors and healers she consults with, though she is more often on the end of answering questions than she is on asking them.

While she isn’t widely known to the average person or adventurer, to those within her profession, she is a legend. Dr. Pierce identified the Stillwater Plague before it could spread beyond a single village and helped ensure the usually deadly plague only claimed 5 lives instead of the estimated 20. Dr. Pierce provided the information needed to generate a cure for Yellowvein. Dr. Pierce once amputated 20 limbs in 12 hours and all of her patients lived. Dr. Pierce cares little for her reputation, though. She could act, so she did act. That is all there’s to it.

Few people in Fletcher’s Perch know of her reputation. She is merely the town’s very talented doctor. Even Ellis is still discovering just who his mentor is exactly. No one knows everything, though. (Well, no one until Charley Grover somehow found out; Dr. Pierce is desperate to discover and silence his source. If she could make Charley forget, she would).

Dr. Pierce has been alive nearly 400 years, 390 to be exact. When she was 35 years old, Dr. Pierce was cursed. Now she cannot die and does not age. When she does die, she wakes an hour later, still injured and weak, but alive and cured of any illnesses or poisons she had had. If her head is destroyed or removed from her body, she awakens a week later in a reconstructed body. She tried many ways to die in her first century.

After coming to terms with her life, she threw herself into medicine and focused on mastering all that she could. She joined adventuring parties to collect rare medicinal herbs and minerals and learn about more techniques and ailments. During one of these adventures, she helped bind the Unchained Stars. She doesn’t realize that Rufus is that Unchained Stars avatar and that he recognized her.

After watching enough people die, she stopped wanting to connect with them. She cares about people, a lot, but she is tired of losing them. She only remains in one place for 10 to 15 years before moving on so that others don’t catch onto her lack of aging. She lets them assume she ages in her absence and that she has been succeeded by a niece or a daughter who shares her name. Many suspect, but no one says anything: they don’t want to lose her help and favor.

Dr. Pierce has hawkish features, dark gray eyes, and tawny skin. Her ebony hair is nearly always kept pulled back and hidden under a variety of colorful scarves that Dr. Pierce has collected over the course of her very long life. When asked about her scarves, Dr. Pierce will usually say that her mother and grandmother had worn scarves and so she does the same, besides it keeps her hair out of her face. Sometimes she will say she wears one because, despite everything, she hasn’t lost faith yet. To those who know about her curse, she’ll say that she wears the scarves for many reasons: tradition, practicality, habit, faith, and, finally, as a touchstone, a reminder of who she is.

Lastly, please feel free to change Dr. Pierce’s big secret. Other options include:

  1. An adult golden dragon in disguise as a human and unwilling to get caught
  2. A rival of the Unchained Stars playing at being human
  3. An Archfey slumming it as a human
  4. A very old vampire
  5. A former wizard’s familiar turned human through a Wish


Vivian Pike (Human, 28, werewolf) and Ellis Pike (Human, 25, human) grew up in Fletcher’s Perch. Their parents died when Vivian was 17 years old. Ellis suspects, but has never admitted to himself or anyone else, that Vivien was behind their ‘accidents.’ Ellis both loves and fears his sister. Vivien both loves and is very possessive of her brother. Ellis wants to blame his sister’s recent actions on becoming a werewolf, which is even more reason for him to ignore his suspicions that she was a murderer long before becoming a werewolf.

Vivian became a werewolf while on a hunting trip when she was 23. Within a year, she had become a leading voice in the local werewolf community. Later that year she formed a small pack and left Fletcher’s Perch. Her pack has only grown in the intervening years. Vivian is a charismatic and capable leader who has a quality that draws people toward her. To her pack and those she considers ‘hers,’ Vivian is kind and generous. To everyone else, she is exceptionally and unapologetically cruel. She actively enjoys killing. Chasing people to their death and watching the hope die in their eyes as she closes in is one of her favorite activities. Vivian has wine red hair, narrow amber eyes, and skin like the harvest moon. She wears her hair short and tousled in a style that many who meet her try to mimic.

Ellis is a generous man and very capable doctor, though he still doubts himself more than his mentor, Dr. Pierce, would like. He connects easily with people and is very talented at making scary news seem manageable. On full moons, however, he usually finds his way to a bar where he crawls deep into a bottle and doesn’t emerge until late the following day. He hates to think about all of the people his sister is hurting each full moon. Ellis is slightly cooler to werewolves than other patients. He knows he shouldn’t be and he knows his anger is irrational, but part of him blames them all for his sister. He wants to believe that if Vivian were cured, he’d have his funny, imaginative sister back. Ellis and his sister could be twins. He also has the dark, wine red hair, narrow amber eyes, and golden skin.

Vivian has returned to Fletcher’s Perch to expand her pack and expose the ‘cowardly’ wolves that are trying to live there in peace, see The Werewolves of Fletcher’s Perch for more.


Fiona (Gnome, 320) and Klaus Undertree (Gnome, 310) moved to Fletcher’s Perch about seventy-five years ago and set themselves up as the town’s tinker and scribe, respectively. Fiona is a very curious woman who enjoys solving puzzles. She has found her niche fixing broken items and creating small clockwork wonders to sell to merchants passing through town. Merchants also bring her commissions from far off lands. Her craftsmanship isn’t famous, but valued by those familiar with it. Fiona has warm copper skin and fine, pale blonde hair that sticks out around her head like dandelion fluff. Her eyes are dark indigo. Fiona prefers to spend her time in her workshop.

Klaus loves beauty in all its myriad forms. He especially loves the beauty of written language. He can embed beauty both in the formation of the letters and the meaning of the words. He tends toward alliteration and assonance so that his speech has the characteristics of music. He enjoys being the town scribe and actively encourages others to share their life stories so that he can record them. In his spare time, he also makes paper to sell. His paper, impractical for daily use, is full of flower petals and swirls of dye. Klaus has cool, ash brown skin. He dyes his hair spring-onion green to match his eyes.

Klaus has a long-lasting, sometimes bitter, sometimes teasing rivalry with the head of the scribe’s guild. They exchange frequent letters and Klaus often complains at length whenever he receives one. Though only Fiona has met the guild leader, many in town feel like they know her through Klaus’ complaints.


The Vandal family is engaged in a longstanding feud with the Fox family, as described in The Fox-Vandal Family Feud.

Leland Vandal (Human, 64) buried his wife, Bonnie Vandal (Human, 61, deceased), five years ago. Even before her death, though, his mind had started wandering. He stopped recognizing his children and wife for who they were. He became violent on occasion, thinking strangers had broken into his home intending to steal from or harm him. As he has declined, his eldest daughter has stepped up as the matriarch of the family, despite her relatively young age.

Leland has one brother who still lives in Fletcher’s Perch: Ernest (Human, 60). Ernest is married to Mimi (Human, 60) and has five children, only one of whom, Weyla (Human, 34), still lives in Fletcher’s Perch. The rest of scattered like seeds on the wind. When Weyla was young, her eldest brother, Balin (Human, 43), had a loud, long fight with their parents and it split the family. Her siblings all left. They all write Weyla, but only one or two ever send letters to their parents. Part of Weyla wants to leave as well, but she feels guilty about wanting to abandon her parents.

Weyla, having seen what fighting does to a family, cares little for the family feud with the Foxes. She even has a friendly rivalry with Jeremy Fox over music. Weyla plays four instruments and is teaching herself a fifth. She plays music at the Golden Horn and gives lessons to anyone in town who wants them. She loves collecting and creating music. She can often be found talking with traveling minstrels and bards about their craft. Recently, Weyla has become a teacher at the local school. Her parents are grateful she is finally ‘settling down.’ Weyla is dating and living with Ander Yarrow and Felix Wilder. She has luminous grey eyes, warm peach skin, and the family’s characteristic rich, brown hair.

Ernest and Mimi help take care of Leland.

Nefyn Vandal (Human, 41) is the eldest of five siblings: Caian (Human, 38), Morys (Human, 35), Caris Lister (Human, 32), and Gwyneth Frieder (Human, 28). Nefyn is the only one of her siblings to not have a family of any kind. She doesn’t desire a partner and loves being an aunt. Besides, the Vandal family is enough to manage on its own without giving birth to or adopting her own. Nefyn works on the farm, but spends most of her time planning how to use the fields, when to harvest or plant, and how to sell their grain. Nefyn sees connections others miss and is very talented at breaking big tasks and ideas into smaller pieces. Nefyn is also exceptionally intelligent. She has a large collection of books that she has read and marked up with comments and thoughts. Nefyn is a short, curvy woman with hazel-green eyes, peach skin, and rich, mahogany hair that she wears in a long braid.

Caian Vandal’s Family

When he was 18, Caian and his brother, Morys, who was 15 at the time, tracked down Tomas Fox to beat him up a bit and scare him for printing rumors that the Vandal family engages in incest in his newsletter. Mid-fight, Tomas transformed into a werewolf, surprising Caian and Morys. They turned from ‘teaching a lesson’ to ‘killing the monster.’ Then Anthony Fletcher intervened, got punched, and fell hitting his head hard against, first, the wall, and second, a large rock on the ground. Ultimately, both Tomas and Anthony died. Caian and Morys did not. They were held for a while with the Emryvel family and then released under house arrest.

Caian remains haunted by the blood on his hands. He is the one who discusses the idea of a truce with Nefyn the most. As part of the potential truce, however, he wants to know who else in the Fox family is secretly a monster. Caian is married to Noelle Vandal (Human, 37) and has five children: Nora (Human, 19), Aoife (Human, 17), Eilyn (Human, 15), Sean (Human, 12), and Bran (Human, 9). He has equipped all five children with a silver-edged knife and coached them on stabbing and running for help in case they ever encounter a werewolf. All children have grown up with bedtime stories of evil werewolves just waiting to gobble them up.

Caian is a broad man with thick, dark brown hair, farm-tanned skin, and hooded brown eyes. He has a full beard mustache.

Noelle is a muscular woman with dark blonde hair and bright turquoise eyes. Her tanned hands are wide and calloused. She is the sort of person who was working in the fields during her early contractions. She is diligent and industrious–both virtues she has taught to her children as well.

Nora works with her uncle, Leith Lister, a carpenter. She values hard work and enjoys watching tree trunks become something useful. She believes that with a bit of vision and a lot of hard work, anyone can be useful. She has the family brown hair and cool peach skin. She has her mother’s eyes.

Aoife loves numbers more than people. She is a mathematical genius, but few in her family recognize her talent. She has entire notebooks of equations. She and her aunt, Nefyn, are close. Aoife loves to raid Nefyn’s library for mathematical texts and Nefyn makes sure to buy a few new ones each year to keep Aofie well-stocked. Aoife wanted to leave Fletcher’s Perch for university, but her parents sat her down and said that numbers without purpose were just a waste of ink. A few years ago, when Aoife was 13, Nefyn offered a compromise. Aoife would become the family’s bookkeeper and Nefyn would reach out to one of the universities to find a professor for Aoife to correspond with. Aoife alternates between tracking family budgets and trying to solve complicated theorems with fellow mathematicians she’s never met. Few of her correspondents realize just how young Aoife is. Aoife also has brown hair and peach skin. Her eyes are dark brown.

Eilyn works in the Frieder bakery for now, but she has big plans to leave town as soon as she’s saved enough to go. Only Aoife, who helped her plan a budget, knows Eilyn plans to leave. Eilyn wants to learn magic and has decided she will do so no matter what, even if that means cutting herself off from her family. Since learning magic will be expensive, Eilyn accepts any and all odd jobs around town. She is a frequent babysitter and was one of the first to hear about the Dewdrop Man. Eilyn has hooded turquoise eyes and dark brown hair.

Sean doesn’t have a job yet, but he helps out on the family farm and is a general gopher. He is broad like his father, but is the only one of the five children to have his mother’s hair. Sean often takes charge when around other kids and organizes games for everyone to play. He is very good at mediating arguments before they become fights that draw adult attention. He plans on becoming the family patriarch when he grows up so he spends a lot of evenings quizzing his aunt about the role.

Bran loves to play by himself. He’ll spend hours climbing trees and making up stories about the squirrels and other animals he sees. He has no interest in the farm and often wanders off mid-task whenever his interest is piqued elsewhere. He has not yet learned how to read. His skill with mathematics is limited to what he can do in his head. The moment a problem is written down rather than explained, he loses interest. Bran has tried to tell his family that letters and numbers float around the page, but they dismiss him as just making up yet another story. He has stopped trying to tell them. He regularly skips or daydreams through school.


Like Caian, Morys is still bothered by the blood on his hands. Unlike Caian, though, he does not fear or blame werewolves. Instead, he sought to understand them better.

About five years later, Morys discovered that the town newcomer, Asa Murphy, was a werewolf. Asa and his wife, Clementine, had only been in town for about 2 years at that point. Their daughter, Grace, was a year old. Morys visited often to play with Grace, who still couldn’t control her transformations, and ask the couple about being werewolves.

A year later, Clementine abandoned her family. Morys started visiting more to help Asa with Grace. During this time, he fell in love with Asa. He nearly told him, when Clementine returned to town. Clementine almost immediately became pregnant again, causing Morys to swallow back his feelings. Then, Clementine left once again, this time leaving her newborn daughter, Noela, behind. Clementine still visits on occasion, but she ultimately always leaves. Morys hates when she comes and especially hates the aftermath of her visits.

At that point, Morys slowly moved into the Murphy home to help take care of the girls. He considers the Murphys his family and treats Grace and Noela like daughters. As far as Asa is concerned, though, they are merely roommates. Over the past couple years, though, Asa has thankfully stopped encouraging Morys to go out and meet someone. Morys has no idea that Asa has fallen for him.

Morys is a very protective man who loves deeply and patiently. He prefers to deny himself rather than risk losing his place in the Murphy family. He has told Nefyn that the Murphys are werewolves, but hasn’t told Caian or his other sisters. He fears Caian’s reaction greatly. He doesn’t tell Gwyneth until after Nolan’s abduction when he’s forcibly turned.

He is a short, handsome man with thick, brown hair and hazel eyes.

The Lister Family

Caris married Leith Lister (Human, 31). They got to know each other when Caris lost her sketchbook and Leith found it. He returned it to her with notes about how to render the various designs in wood. Furious he had looked through her book and dared to write in it, Caris tracked him down to yell at him, but was shocked to silence when he showed her a small carving of one of her designs. After that, the two became collaborators, eventually falling in love.

Leith and his siblings are all carpenters, but Leith and Caris run a special division that focuses on furniture. She designs; he then refines and brings her designs to life. Caris often acts before thinking and has part of her brain always focused on her design work. It is not uncommon for her to burn dinner because she got distracted by an idea she had to sketch down. Leith is also impulsive. He decided to focus on furniture, despite not knowing whether it’d be profitable. Luckily, a few merchants like his work and make sure to purchase pieces for sale elsewhere each time they stop in town.

Caris has dark auburn hair, peach skin, and brown eyes. Leith has curly brown hair, pale skin, and dark blue eyes.

Caris and Leith have identical triplets: Cyrus (Human, 8), Gideon (Human, 8), and Joy (Human, 8, trans). The triplets are best friends. All three enjoy getting reactions from other people, however they can: pranks, fake hauntings, amateur plays, and more. Gideon is the mastermind of the group. Cyrus makes all of their costumes. Joy steals the supplies they need for their schemes. All three children have curly, auburn hair and dark, blue eyes. Joy wears her longer than Cyrus or Gideon.

The Frieder Family

When Gwyneth was 14, she started working at one of the local bakeries. There she met the twins, Nolan (Human, 29, werewolf) and Theo Frieder (Human, 29), who were 15 at the time. Their parents owned the bakery. Nolan and Gwyneth became best friends and made plans to start their own bakery when they got older. With a little help from Nefyn, that’s exactly what they did. Over time, Gwyneth fell for Nolan’s twin brother. She and Theo were married when they were 20 and had their daughter, Violet (Human, 6), a couple years later.

Nolan has fallen for a half dozen merchants and had his heart broken by just as many. Then Julian Adler (Human, 27) moved to town and combined forces with Clytie Kirby to expand the blacksmith. Julian and Nolan have been dating for about three years now. They both know they are going to get married, but they are waiting for the other person to ask. It has become a competition to see who cracks first.

Gwyneth is an ambitious woman with auburn hair, peach skin, and dark brown eyes. She is the reason her and Nolan’s bakery is the primary supplier to the Golden Horn. She and Nolan get along really well because they are both very competitive. Gwyneth didn’t mean to pass these characteristics on to Violet, but her daughter loves to compete and win. Violet has thin, auburn hair and hazel eyes. She is freckled like her father.

Theo is the responsible one, the one to remind Gwyneth and Nolan to focus on the actual task at hand rather than just besting one another. He takes pride in his work and believes the only person anyone should compete with is theirself. He is try and failing to instill this in Violet.

Nolan loves to compete with others and with himself. If he can turn a task into a competition, he does. Always striving to be the best, though, means Nolan never stops trying to improve. He has even started tinkering with the sacred family recipe in a bid to one-up his parents’ bakery.

Theo and Nolan are both tall, lanky men with pale, heavily freckled skin, blueberry eyes, and dirty blond hair. Theo has a scruffy beard because Gwyneth likes it. Nolan shaves.

Julian Adler is a well-muscled man with burnished copper skin and tight black curls. His eyes are a vivid emerald. He’ll compete with Nolan out of amusement rather than a genuine need to win. He enjoys horrible puns and has a good sense for business.

A few weeks ago, Nolan disappeared. When he is finally found, he has been forcibly changed into a werewolf. To his relief, Julian doesn’t abandon him. Gwyneth is scared, but then she talks with her brother, Morys. This is mentioned in The Werewolves of Fletcher’s Perch.


The Wilder family has long been part of Fletcher’s Perch. Iris Wilder (Human, 56) never married, but had three children with Castien Gilvaris (Elf, 200), an elven merchant who frequents Fletcher’s Perch. For an elf, Castien is still relatively young. He isn’t ready to settle down with a family. Iris recognizes that she has aged faster than he can and does not ask for more than he can give. To their children, Castien is only an uncle who visits a few times each year on his routes. Their children are Felix (Half-elf, 36), Sofia (Half-elf, 25), and Paul (Half-elf, 21).

Iris also has a younger sister, Phoebe Wilder (Human, 50), who likewise never married. She left one year with Castien, wanting to become a merchant in her own right. She is a free spirit who delights in the open road and meeting strangers. She has no inclination to ever settle down. Whenever she winters in Fletcher’s Perch, she lives on her own and cares for her children. Now that her children are grown, she watches her sole grandchild, Hollis.

Iris is a barber. She has silver-and-gold hair, alabaster skin, and light brown eyes. Phoebe dyes her hair blue, but otherwise resembles her older sister with pale skin and light brown eyes. Both sisters are average height and heavy.

Felix, Sofia, and Paul have golden-brown hair like lion’s manes, pale skin, and their father’s violet eyes. They are also willowy in stature, much like their father. Felix works on a farm and keeps bees. He sells honey at the market. He enjoys listening to music and has a strong singing voice. He is dating Weyla Vandal and Ander Yarrow. The three share a home together. Felix doesn’t talk much, but prefers to show himself through his actions.

Sofia Wilder left town with Castien when she was 16. She joined a religion and became a priestess. She returned to Fletcher’s Perch about three years ago to restore the old temple and offer religious services in town. Sofia is both extremely ruthless and extremely kind. When she makes a decision or decides something must be done, she does it, damn the consequences. She has yet to apologize for leaving home for so many years.

Paul Wilder works at the Golden Horn as a barkeep. He is an affable guy who enjoys flirting with whoever walks in. He delights in making people smile, even at his own expense. He is currently cursed because he stole a cursed ring of jumping from Andrew Fletcher. He is very possessive of the ring and is neglecting himself to protect it.


The Merchants’ Guild sent Ander Yarrow (Human, 33) to Fletcher’s Perch five years ago, when he was 28, to oversee trade and adjudicate disputes. Ander did not want to move to a small town in the middle of basically nowhere. He didn’t care how many trade routes crossed through or near it. Then, on his first night in town, he heard Weyla play at the Golden Horn and fell head over heels. Weyla was already in a long-term relationship with Felix. At first Ander schemed to make the two break-up, but then he met Felix and felt his heart flip over again. So instead he approached the couple and told them that, as great as they were together, they were missing something great by not dating him, too. Weyla laughed. Felix rolled his eyes. They agreed to a date. The three have been dating ever since and living together for the past four years.

Ander believes in big risks and pursuing what he wants with all of his effort. If he fails, he wants it to be because of the situation, not because he didn’t try hard enough or dare great enough. He overflows with self-confidence, which annoys some people. However, he is very talented at cutting to the heart of an issue. While he thought of Fletcher’s Perch as a punishment, he was sent at such a young age because the guild trusted him to handle a rather important trade town on his own.

Ander has golden-brown skin and thick, straight black hair. His eyes are a summer storm in color and intensity.

Children (0-12)

Violet Frieder (6)

Zoe Fletcher (7)

Helia Hilt (7)

Hollis Fox (7)

Cyrus Lister (8)

Gideon Lister (8)

Joy Lister (8)

Albie Fox (9)

Bran Vandal (9)

Ben Hilt (10)

Lucy Kirby (10)

Sean Vandal (12)

Teens (13-19)

Nico Fletcher (13)

Casper Fox (13)

Noela Murphy (13)

Eilyn Vandal (15)

Grace Murphy (16)

Lisbeth “Lissy” Dyer (17)

Aoife Vandal (17)

Esme Kirby (18)

Nora Vandal (19)

Ruvyn Emryvel (65, Elf)

Young Adults (20-35)

Alf “Alfie” Minstrel aka Andrew Fletcher (20)

Emily Dyer (21)

Colleen Fox (21)

Paul Wilder (21)

Finn Kirby (22)

Adri Moonwrecker (23)

Clara Olsen (23)

Auralia “Rory” Emryvel (120, Elf)

Weston Fox (24)

Maryn Dyer (25)

Ellis Pike (25)

Sofia Wilder (25)

Toby Atkinson (26)

Rachel Fox (26)

Julian Adler (27)

Vivian Pike (28)

Gwyneth Frieder (28)

Dylan Fox (29)

Nolan Frieder (29)

Theo Frieder (29)

Jenny Fox (30)

Leith Lister (31)

Gabriel Fletcher (32)

Lydia Fletcher (32)

Jeremy Fox (32)

Caris Lister (32)

Isabel Fox (33)

Ander Yarrow (33)

Josiah Fox (34)

Anice Grover (34)

Weyla Vandal (34)

Benjamin Hilt (35)

Reyna Hilt (35)

Morys Vandal (35)

Castien Gilvaris (200, Elf)

Middle-Aged (36-55)

Charley Grover (36)

Felix Wilder (36)

Asa Murphy (37)

Clementine Murphy (37)

Noelle Vandal (37)

Caian Vandal (38)

Erlan Emryvel (385, Elf)

Nueleth Emryvel (385, Elf)

Caitlyn Pierce (40, but really 390, Cursed)

Nefyn Vandal (41)

Briar Kirby (42)

Clytie Kirby (46)

Mira Kirby (46)

Lawrence Atkinson (49)

Phoebe Wilder (50)

Elias Fox (54)

Portia Fox (54)

Older Adults (56+)

Iris Wilder (56)

Beatrice Fletcher (58)

Ernest Vandal (60)

Mimi Vandal (60)

Leland Vandal (64)

Tabitha Moonwrecker (180, Dwarf)

Tommen Maguire (200, Halfling)

Klaus Undertree (310, Gnome)

Fiona Undertree (320, Gnome)